23-24/08/2017 – 3rd transnational project meeting at Tuechtig in Berlin

The third transnational project meeting took place from 23rd till 24th of August 2017 in Berlin. Totally 9 participants from 6 different partners met at the first inclusive Co-Working Space in Berlin, The Tuechtig, running by the KOPF, HAND und FUSS gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für Bildung mbH, one of the two German project partners.

Main topics of the meeting were the debate on the first draft of Intellectual Output 1, the methodology of FairShares Labs, the marketing activities and second draft of the Intellectual Output 2 , the interactive cooperating learning and working tool.

The meeting started with presentation of the structure of the FairShares cooperative learning and working tool by Ms. Stefanie Trcezinski. Following the FairShares Canvass all 4 shareholder groups (Founder, Labour, Investor and User/Customer) are participating on the different levels of the working tool assisted by learning background material. After each level of learning/co-working an evaluation will take place concerning the cooperation level following the FairShares principles as well as the common confirmation of the learner group to the results of the level. Finally the result shal be the FairShares Plan which allows the shareholder groups and the trainer/coaches to proceed in incubating and implementing the developed FairShares Business.

The second topic was the presentation of the second draft of the FairShares Methodology by the main author, Rory Ridley-Duff from Sheffield. All partners discussed the workflow-plan of the different levels of learning and working form the idea searching, the incubator and the start-up phases.

Finally the partners made two small workshops concerning the marketing activities of FairShares Labs. The first workshop, organised by Sonja Vukovic from SLAP, focused on finding answers concerning the concrete target groups and thematic specifications in each pilot Lab to prepare a customized marketing strategy and materials for each Lab. The results are showing a huge variety among the Labs. Target groups of learners in the Labs are people with fewer opportunities like seniors, migrants, people with disabilities or people in rural area but also intermediary and stakeholder organisations. The second workshop, moderated by Nicole Röttger from KHuF, was concerning the production of an animated video to explain in an easy accessible way the FairShares Principles and FairShares Labs.

The 4th transnational meeting will take place in February 2018 in Osijek.


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