Plattform e.V.

Plattform is a laboratory and facilitator of social, cultural and educational innovation. It was founded 2008 as registered association in Erfurt the Capital of Thuringia, Germany. It’s activities are driven by 8 to 15 employees and free lancers plus volunteers. At Plattform we challenge the perception, handling and policy to youth, culture, space and their support. To achieve that we encourage target persons to become active and strive for their ideas, providing education, counseling and resources, e.g. micro project funding, collaborative actions, access to house walls, rooms, fallow land, abandoned houses. With our FairSharesLab we open the access to our offers and explore a more inclusive social, cultural and economical community.

Contact us:

Contact person: Martin Arnold-Schaarschmidt

Address: Salinenstr. 34D-99086 Erfurt, Germany

Phone: +49 361 218 49 158


Business hours:

Monday - Friday 9am to 8pm

Saturday - Sunday - Closed