Social enterprise international LTD

Social Enterprise International Ltd is a founder of the social enterprise movement with over 20 years of experience.  It supports and develops the idea of social enterprise through specialized consultancy, customized training and working with partners on innovative projects.

The company is  run by 9 active Directors based in the UK, France, Poland, Italy and Indonesia.  It enhances its impact with Social Licence Agreements based on common values and objectives with carefully selected organisations around the world.  It has a small but highly skilled group of Associates who contribute to the work and the projects.

Over the years it has specialized in developing the new organisation and legal structures that meet the needs of a growing global social enterprise movement that seeks to maximize the involvement of stakeholders and create the maximum social impact through their businesses.  Therefore the FairShares model that was initially created by its Directors is very much in keeping with that growing expertise and explains the company’s involvement with this important project.

Contact us:

Contact person: Cliff Southcombe

Address: Mount Pleasant South, Robin Hoods Bay, Whitby YO22 4RQ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44(0) 845 330 8310


Business hours:

Monday - Friday 9am to 8pm

Saturday - Sunday - Closed