The Elephant Learning in Diversity B.V.

The Elephant is a consultancy agency with expertise in strategy and innovation in adult learning and social development. We advise and support organisations in- and outside Netherlands how to make use of the European dimension of lifelong learning. Our core business is advising enterprises, organisations and municipalities about educational policy, change and project management, training and coaching. We have experience in local projects based on social return of investment, neighborhood care projects, re-integration into the labour market and work cooperatives. Furthermore we are active in several EU-projects on entrepreneurship and self-employment. We work as a network organisation, always focusing on the learning needs of the final target groups. We consider learn tot learn, entrepreneurship, media wisdom, integration an intercultural communication as important key competences. FairShareLabs is a useful additional model to develop innovative social initiatives together with users , workers and community participation.

Contact us:

Contact person: Jumbo Klercq

Address: Boutensgaarde 40 7414WB Deventer, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 6 28263998


Business hours:

Monday - Friday 9am to 8pm

Saturday - Sunday - Closed