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January 2018

FairShares V3.0 has been Published

In case you missed the email from the FairShares Association (or are not yet on our mailing list), we published FairShares V3.0 today. This update reflects the work undertaken on FairShares Labs and includes: 1) New ‘Google Form’ versions of FairShares Diagnostics 2) A new FairShares Rules Generator (for generating constitutions for companies, co-operatives, partnerships and associations). 3) An updated FairShares Wiki that include information on FairShares Labs (and access to FairShares Labs documentation).   FairShares Association – Loomio

August 2017

23-24/08/2017 – WORK, LEARN AND EXCHANGE WITH EACH OTHER Study visit of the FairShares Lab partner at TUECHTIG inclusive Co-Working Space

During the 3rd transnational project meeting of the FairShares Lab project in Berlin at 23rd and 24th of August 2017 the 9 participants from 5 European countries visited “TUECHTIG” Germany’s first inclusive and barrier-free co-working space.  Since early 2017 the TUECHTIG is running as a non-profit project of Kopf-Hand-Fuß gGmbH in Berlin and offers on 700 square meters space for effective work, conferencing and becoming creative. “Whether you come from Berlin or Baghdad, you’re blind, you are hard of hearing [...]

23-24/08/2017 – 3rd transnational project meeting at Tuechtig in Berlin

The third transnational project meeting took place from 23rd till 24th of August 2017 in Berlin. Totally 9 participants from 6 different partners met at the first inclusive Co-Working Space in Berlin, The Tuechtig, running by the KOPF, HAND und FUSS gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für Bildung mbH, one of the two German project partners. Main topics of the meeting were the debate on the first draft of Intellectual Output 1, the methodology of FairShares Labs, the marketing activities and second draft [...]

July 2017

FairShares Institute for Cooperative Social Entrepreneurship

Vision To eliminate poverty and promote social justice by building communities in which every adult has the opportunity to become a co-owner of the organisation on which they, their family and community depend. Mission To engage in critical testing, development and application of the FairShares Model and disseminate the results in an intellectual common for the benefit of educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, managers, members and professionals engaged in co-operative social entrepreneurship. Five values and Principles Wealth and power sharing amongst primary stakeholders; Specification of social purpose(s) [...]

June 2017

28/06/2017 – Networking event with FairShares Labs partners and the FairShares Institute

On June 28th, partners from the FairShares Labs met up with the FairShares Institution, based at Sheffield Business School within Sheffield Hallam University, UK. The FairShares Institute actively supports and develops international partnerships that advance the use of the FairShares Model in education, knowledge transfer and research activities related to the fields of co-operative leadership and social entrepreneurship. Between them they hosted an event for social entrepreneurs and academics to meet and hear more about the FairShares Labs project. [...]