The FairShares Model

Anyshares, the world first FairShares company calls itself the “complete co-operative”. This name perhaps captures the nature of a FairShares company that takes the next step for Multi stakeholder social enterprises, worker owned or user owned co-operatives by fully including all those who contribute to the wealth making of an enterprise be they workers, customers, investors or founders in the ownership structures. It does this by having different types of shares ( Founder, Labour and Investor) available for those who either invest time or money or those who contribute with their labour and those who have given their ideas.

So workers, users, investors, founders can have shares which allows them three things:

Firstly a fair share of any profits, secondly a fair and formal vote on matters of policy or governance and thirdly because of their principles FairShares companies are committed to creating democratic management processes such as social audits that engage all stakeholders, they can participate in the everyday decision making of the company.

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