What are the FairShares Labs Tools?

FairShares Labs project will offer many tools and materials for training, learning, cooperation, creating and implementing FairShares enterprise:

  • a Methodology and Handbook with background material and practical guidelines how to develop and implement a FairShares Lab
  • an interactive cooperating working tool which guides the four shareholder groups and the individual FairShares Lab through the process of generating a business idea, developing a business concept and to start a business
  • a self- and blended training tool for business developers generally and other people interested in starting and leading an own FairShares Lab
  • an interactive E-learning and exchange platform (website) housing dynamic online courses, providing the means and medium for communication and cooperation between the partners as well as learners and the community and sharing of project related materials and information. It consists a Open Street Map on which user can place their ideas on the map in different categories and open project groups on local, national, European level; database and search function for project ideas and co-workers